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eDarling behind, one of Europe’s leading online partner institutions, since 2008 Affinitas Ltd. is headquartered in Berlin. As we turned eDarling are looking for a long term successful relationship discerning singles. Basis of our offer is based on the principle of the exchange of scientific knowledge (“matching”), which determine the compatibility of the development of the relationship between husband and wife. Than any other supplier, we put our members lend a helping hand to find partners: we make our supporting targeted and appropriate partner’s recommendation and in another platform security email contacts as a comprehensive introduction of the European single provider to guide the processing steps.

Our own expectation is to establish the highest standards in our market products and services supporting quality and safety. How to succeed, we have to prove our numerous certifications and awards. For us, the most important indicator of the quality of our work is, and has been a lot of couples who come together every day for our success.

Welcome to join eDarling DE.

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