eDarling IT leader in Europa nel campo dell’Online Dating














eDarling , European leader in the field of Online Dating is managed by the German company Affinitas GmbH , based in Berlin since 2008.

With eDarling we cater to singles with high expectations , looking for a lasting relationship and success. At the core of our offering is a combination of scientific method that calculates the compatibility in a relationship between two individuals. Unlike any other site, we follow our users step by step in finding the ideal partner : according to our proposed combination , we are able to provide users with compatible profiles , personalized and targeted .

eDarling is the only one in Europe that not only offers a secure platform for the exchange of messages, but also a path of knowledge driven consists of five simple steps to follow.

Our standards are very high and allow you to position ourselves in a market segment characterized by high standards of product, range , quality of service and safety. The success of our work is demonstrated by the amount of awards and certifications received . Sure, the accolades make us very proud , but the most important index to measure the quality of our work is , and always will be , the success of the many couples who every day are formed thanks to our services.

Welcome to join www.edarling.it.













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